MARC - Major Artery Revitalization Committee
MARC - Major Artery Revitalization Committee
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TORRESDALE AVENUE PROJECT (TAP) (Lighting Phase Complete; Second Phase Beginning Soon)
MARC - TAP, Avenue
TAP Back On TrackOctober 28, 2010 - Due to the time constraints attached to federal stimulus dollars that were awarded to other organizations to complete various projects throughout the City, the Torresdale Avenue Project (TAP) was delayed. Since it is not being funded by stimulus dollars, the Major Artery Revitalization Committee (MARC) had to patiently wait out the process before continuing with the second phase of construction.

”We are happy to report that TAP is back on track," said MARC President John Byrne.

The initial phase increased the lighting on the avenue. With new, shorter lamp posts called “pedestrian poles” in the Tacony business district, more light has been shed on the avenue’s sidewalks and storefronts. This design promotes safety and security at night.

The second phase, which tentatively includes street furniture; sidewalk, intersection and crosswalk improvements; will go out to bid in late 2010 or early 2011 with work to begin in the spring. MARC and Urban Engineers have completed the historic review process that is required by the federal funding. MARC must now finalize the scope of the project. Once complete, Urban Engineers can submit the environmental clearance approval and get the preliminary scope approved to finish the plans.

TAP BID ACCEPTEDMay 6, 2008- The Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) on behalf of MARC accepted the bid by Seravalli Inc. to construct the first phase of the Torresdale Avenue Project (TAP).

“It’s exciting that after years of the concept and design process we will finally break ground on $2 million worth of improvements to Torresdale Avenue,” said MARC President John Byrne. “We really must thank our elected officials – Councilwoman Joan Krajewski (D-6), state Representative Michael McGeehan (D-173), and Congresswoman Allyson Y. Schwartz (D-13) for their help in securing the funding for this project.”

The initial phase increases the lighting on the avenue. With new, shorter lamp posts called “pedestrian poles” in the Tacony business district, more light will be shed on the avenue’s sidewalks and storefronts. This design promotes safety and security at night. Hanging flower baskets on the lamp posts will also serve to beautify the landscape. Work is set to begin this summer and the second phase, which includes intersection and crosswalk improvements, will go out to bid shortly after.

MARC - TAP, Gateway
Existing Conditions at Cottman and Torresdale Avenues
MARC - TAP, Gateway
Proposed Corner Treatment to Emphasize a Gateway into the Neighborhood

MARC - TAP, Banners
Existing Banners
MARC - TAP, Banners
Proposed Lighting Fixtures with Banners

MARC - TAP, Banners
Existing Crosswalks
MARC - TAP, Banners
Proposed Crosswalk with Honeycomb Pattern, which Adds Texture with Thermal Plastic to Enhance Character and Street Appeal

MARC - TAP, McGeehan
Read the Oct. 19 Northeast Times Article on the MARC in the News Page

October 13, 2006 – The Major Artery Revitalization Committee (MARC) and Urban Engineers met with local civic and business leaders on Thursday, Oct. 12 to discuss the nearly $2 million in federal and state funding slated for improvements along Torresdale Avenue.

State Representative Michael P. McGeehan (D-173) along with officials from MARC, Urban Engineers and Cope Linder Architects provided an update on the current plans and status of the Torresdale Avenue Project (TAP). The goal is to create more attractive business districts in Tacony and Wissinoming starting with gateways at the intersections of Cottman Avenue and Harbison Avenue. Their ideas for the gateways include flower beds and banner poles with either Tacony or Wissinoming banners.

“We want to make people feel like they have arrived somewhere,” said Sam Bonsall, from Cope Linder Architects. “It is important to have a certain continuity throughout the district.”

That continuity will be enhanced with similar crosswalks, benches, trash bins and newspaper honor box corrals along the avenue. The decision on the appearance of these items will be made during future meetings with the local civic and business organizations. SEPTA is also planning improvements to their facilities in the district, which will blend in with what the community chooses.

Meanwhile, they also plan to double the amount of light shown on the business district by adding light fixtures and improving existing light fixtures. The new lighting fixtures will be reminiscent of those found in Center City. They are shorter, only 17 feet tall, and shed more light on the sidewalk.

“People will feel more comfortable walking the streets at night with the added light,” said James A. Bilella, II, from Urban Engineers. “Like we saw in Center City, lighting can provide a chain reaction that will keep business open later because people feel safe.”

After the presentation, business owners and civic leaders wanted to know what was being done about parking. Currently, MARC, the Tacony Community Development Corporation and the Tacony Business Association are looking into viable options for a potential parking lot.

Assuming all goes as planned, work should begin in the spring of 2008. Updates of the project’s progress will be available on MARC’s web site.

Local Residents and Business Owners Help MARC Improve Torresdale Avenue

October 16, 2006 – The Major Artery Revitalization Committee (MARC) requests the input of local residents and businesses regarding streetscape improvements along Torresdale Avenue.

Simply download the survey, answer the questions and sent it back to MARC.

Participants can print out the survey and mail it to Major Artery Revitalization Committee, P.O. Box 8904, Philadelphia, PA 19135. Or, they can attach the completed survey to an email and sent it to Also, feel free to cut and paste your responses into the body of the email. Just don't forget to include your name, address and phone number.

MARC thanks you for your assistance in improving the neighborhood.

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