MARC - Major Artery Revitalization Committee
MARC - Major Artery Revitalization Committee
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Flower & Tree Beds

With the help of the Community Life Improvement Program (CLIP) and the Community Services Program in Philadelphia's Managing Director's Office, MARC planted:

More than 100 flower boxes along Frankford and Torresdale avenues
More than 150 tree beds along those avenues
More than 50 flower pots
And more than 25 hanging flower baskets
MARC - Flower Box, Rubino's
MARC - Tree Bed, Tree Bed
MARC - Flower Bed, Cottman and Milnor
MARC - Label, MARC and CLIP

Neighborhood Banners
MARC - Holmesburg Banner
So far, MARC installed 40 neighborhood banners along Frankford Avenue in Holmesburg and Upper Holmesburg between Sheffield and Linden avenues.

Street Sweeper

Having a Block Party or Block Clean Up? Request MARC's Street Sweeper for free by calling (215) 332-MARC or email us at
MARC - Street Sweeper, Chink's
MARC - Street Sweeper, Frankford Ave

Mile Markers

The Major Artery Revitalization Committee (MARC) posted three green markers, located near the corners of Rowland Ave. and Rhawn St., Rhawn St. and Lexington Ave., and Lexington and Ryan avenues, to provide the mileage information for those getting their exercise walking, jogging and biking around Lincoln High School and Pennypack Park.
MARC - Mile Marker

Gardening Workshops

Every year MARC holds Gardening Workshops in the Spring and Holiday Wreath Workshops in the Winter for people who want to learn about and create living works of art.
MARC - Holiday wreaths

Pennypack Gazebo

Enjoy the gazebo along the Delaware River at Pennypack on the Delaware, located off State Road near Rhawn Street.
MARC - Gazebo, Pennypack
MARC - Gazebo, Pennypack 3

Youth Employment Program

MARC's Youth Employment Program provides young adults with an opportunity to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood through hard work, dedication and commitment. Far too often, we, as a society, blame youth for the destruction of our neighborhoods without providing adequate education and opportunities for them to focus their abundance of energy. This program, which employs 20 area youths, has produced tremendous results as well as attempting to change the negative perception of young people. We believe youths can and do make a difference in society, if they are given the opportunity.

"What I am most proud of is the youth employment program," said MARC President Thomas Conway. "It's important to stress community involvement with the kids. It instills a sense of pride and you need to start at a youth age. I feel we lost a generation. People use to sweep the front of their houses and scrub their steps but not any more."

To get involved, contact MARC at (215) 332-MARC or email us at
MARC - Youth Employment, Crew
MARC - Youth Employment, Clean Crew
MARC - Youth Employment, Crew 3
MARC - Youth Employment, Clean Crew 10


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