MARC - Major Artery Revitalization Committee
MARC - Major Artery Revitalization Committee
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03/23/2011 MARC Runs For The Jen Kurylo-Szalabofka Fund (PDF)
10/28/2010 MARC Dedicates Mural in East Torresdale (PDF)
10/27/2010 Media Advisory: MARC Dedicates Mural in East Torresdale (PDF)
05/22/2009 Mayor Nutter Supports MARC's 4th Annual Fundraiser (PDF)
10/15/2008 MARC Post 5th Annual Movie Night (PDF)
09/16/2008 MARC 5th Annual Movie Night (PDF)
05/15/2008 Holmesburg and Upper Holmesburg Receive MARC Banners (PDF)
05/09/2008 MARC Accepts TAP Bid (PDF)
05/06/2008 MARC Third Annual Fundrasier (PDF)
04/16/2008 MARC Kim Bartol Fund (PDF)
04/07/2008 MARC Cleaned Up (PDF)
03/21/2008 Philly Spring Cleanup (ZIP)
03/05/2008 President Emeritus Shaves for St. Baldricks (ZIP)
02/15/2008 Diskin-Gallagher Community Art Show (ZIP)
01/16/2008 MARC Raises $9,000 to Fight Cancer (ZIP)
11/05/2007 MARC Holiday Wreath Workshop (ZIP)
10/25/2007 Haunted Warehouse (ZIP)
10/24/2007 MARC President Honored as Public Servant of the Year (ZIP)
10/20/2007 MARC Raises $2,800 for Breast Cancer (ZIP)
10/04/2007 MARC Breast Cancer Walk (ZIP)
09/05/2007 MARC Your Calendars (ZIP)
08/27/2007 MARC Street Sweepers (ZIP)
07/25/2007 MARC Mile Markers Dedication (ZIP)
07/19/2007 MARC Mile Markers Media Advisory (ZIP)
05/11/2007 MARC Fundraiser (ZIP) 05/08/2007 Ed Costello Fund Broad St. Run (ZIP) 04/18/2007 MARC Celebrates Arbor Day (ZIP) 04/03/2007 Make Your Lawn the Envy of the Neighborhood with MARC (ZIP) 03/07/2007 MARC President Donates Head to Cancer Research (ZIP) 03/02/2007 MARC Spring Gardening Seminar (ZIP) 01/16/2007 MARC Essay & Design Contest (ZIP) 01/08/2007 MARC Updates TAP (ZIP) 12/21/2006 MARC Grants Tacony Business Association $500 (ZIP) 12/19/2006 Residents Create Holiday Wreaths with CLIP & MARC (ZIP) 11/15/2006 MARC Decorates for the Holidays (ZIP) 10/20/2006 Krajewski & McGeehan Dedicate Cottman Gateway (ZIP) 10/13/2006 MARC TAPs Streetscape Plan (ZIP)
10/10/2006 Neighbors Celebrate Their Community During Tacony History Day (ZIP)
10/03/2006 Local Families Enjoy MARCís Third Annual Free Movie Night (ZIP)
09/25/2006 Due to Rain, Tacony History Day was Postponed Until Saturday, Oct. 7 (ZIP)
09/19/2006 Republic First Bank Sponsors MARCís Third Annual Free Movie Night (ZIP)
09/07/2006 With $10,000 MARC Proudly Sponsors Tacony History Day (ZIP)
08/25/2006 State Rep. Michael P. McGeehan and MARC Unveil DOGIPOTs (ZIP)
08/07/2006 MARC Helps the Northeast Detectives Clean Up Crime (ZIP)
07/27/2006 MARC presents $2,000 Grant to the Diskin/Gallagher Community Arts Center (ZIP)

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